1. General

a. No smoking is allowed in the building.

b. Smoking is allowed in the patio area

c. No alcohol can be brought into our building. K of C will provide bar services if desired.

d. State law requires all liquor be consumed inside the building or in the patio area. NO alcohol can be taken outside of these locations.

2. Payments

a. Renter will pay the entire rental fee at the time of signing the contract. If the entire fee is not paid at this time the contract will be considered null and void. Re-booking of date will occur.

b. The renter will pay all bar and other associated bills before the conclusion of the rental.

3. Cancellation of Contract by Renter

a. Renter will forfeit entire rental fee.

4. Set up and Cleaning

a. K of C will set up tables and chairs as needed prior to the event and will remove them following the event.

b. K of C will clean up after the event.

c. Renter must remove all wanted items immediately following the event. All items left in the building will be disposed of at the discretion of the K of C.

5. Decorations

a. The renter may decorate on the day of the event or at an agreeable time on the previous day if facility is available.

b. If allowed to decorate the day prior to the event the renter will be allowed ‘5’ hours of access at no cost. The renter will be assessed a $50/hour charge for all hours of use in excess of ‘5’ hrs..

c. The renter may not hang any items from the walls or ceiling (including patio area).

d. The renter may not use open candles in the building. Approved holders are acceptable.

6. Food

a. The renters will provide all food and desired punch.

b. No red, green or blue punch allowed.

c. All punch must be served on tile area only.

d. All liquor, beer, wine & soda, must be purchased thru K of C.

e. Food serving lines must be on the tiled area of the building only. No exceptions!

f. Caterers may use the warming kitchen, but meal must be prepared at their business site.

g. Renter may use the warming kitchen, but food must be prepared offsite. Renter may use up to ‘5‘ roasters or crock pots to keep food warm.

h. Gas ranges in kitchen are not available for use by renter or caterer.

7. Full Building Rental – $400*

(Maximum seating inside facility is 300) K of C will provide access to the large and small hall of our building on the day the facility is rented. The patio area is included in this rental price, but no chairs and tables will be provided.

8. Full Building Rental + Patio Area – $450*

(Seating up to 400 – weather permitting) K of C will provide access to the large and small hall of our building on the day the facility is rented. The “Patio Area” will be included in this rental fee and will have tables and chairs set up that will seat an additional 100 people, weather permitting. Included in this fee will the extension of the inside PA system to the patio area.

9. Meeting & Weekday Rentals*

The K of C facility is available for rent on Monday thru Thursday at a cost of $1 per person, $75 minimum for one room up to ‘4‘ hours, or $125 minimum for over 4 hours and up to ‘8’ hours. The cost for two room rentals is $1 per person, $150 minimum for up to ‘4’ hours, or $1 per person $200 minimum for over 4 hours and up to ‘8’ hours. A ‘1’ hour setup time will be allowed at no charge. Maximum rental fee is $400.

10. Sunday Rentals*

a. Sunday rental fee’s will be $1 per person, $100 minimum for one room up to 4 hours or $150 minimum for over 4 hours and up to 8 hours. The cost for a two room rental is $1 per person $150 minimum for up to 4 hours or $250 minimum for over 4 hours and up to 8 hours. The maximum rental fee is $350. A ‘1 hour setup time will be allowed at no charge.

*a $50 extra fee if tables change to “Classroom”style and a $75 extra fee if changed to “Round Tables”.

11. Dish Rental – $1.50 Per Plate (buffet style)

a. K of C will provide and cover tables with a plastic table covering. Linen tablecloths are available from area caterers at additional cost.

b. K of C will provide cup, glass, plates and silverware as needed by the renters. Wine glasses are available for rent at $0.20 each.

c. K of C will set place setting on the table and will be ready for the caterer.

d. Cloth napkins are to be placed by the by renter.

e. K of C will clear tables after the meal and will dispose of the garbage.

f. K of C will provide water and coffee containers for each table.

g. Renter/caterer will provide coffee and place coffee and water containers on table.

h. Renter/caterer will refill water and coffee containers as needed.

i. Renter will be responsible to serve any meals that need to be served.

j. Serving bowls, punch bowls, punch cups, cooking utensils, and other dishes are to be supplied by the renter.

k. Renters electing not to use our Dish Rental are not permitted to bring in their own glass dishes, disposable are allowed.

l. Renter may have caterer bring in dishes for a fee of $1 per place setting. This would include plate, cup, glass and silverware.

m. 100 cups of coffee are available for a fee of $30, including disposable cups.

n. 30 cups of coffee are available for a fee of $20, including disposable cups

12. Disposable Dishes

Provided by the Renter

a. The renter will provide all dishes and table coverings.

b. The renter will cover and set tables.

c. K of C will provide garbage containers.

d. K of C will charge $5 per bag for garbage disposal.

e. Renter will place all garbage in containers for disposal.

f. Renter must provide any needed serving utensils, serving bowls, towels and any other items needed.

13. Garbage Charges–when applicable

a. No Garbage fee is assessed to building rentals of $400 or more, unless using disposal dishware.

b. A garbage fee of $5 per bag will be assessed to all building rentals of less than $400. Renter may elect to bring own bags and remove all garbage at the conclusion of the rental, at which time the garbage fee will be waived.

14. Water Pitchers & Coffee Carafe’s

a. The use of Water Pitchers and Coffee Carafe’s are included in our $1.50 Dish Rental.

b. Coffee Carafe’s and Water Pitchers are available for rent at a cost of $25 for renters not using our Dish Rental.

15. Audio/Video Services

a. Public Address (PA) System will be provided by the K of C at no cost.

b. VCR/DVD player and accompanying televisions are available for $25.

c. 10’ Projection Screen is available for $20.

d. The sound from the PA system will be extended to the patio area free of charge when patio is rented.

e. HDMI access to accompanying Televisions $20

F. Power Point Projector rental $30

16. Stage Rental

a. Stage is available for rent at a cost of $100. The KC’s will setup and take down the stage as part of the rental fee.


Thank you for choosing The Knights of Columbus!


The Knights of Columbus have a full liquor License and can meet your needs 7 days a week.

We offer the following services:

a. Keg Beer @ $350.00 for 16 gallons

b. Keg Root Beer @ $125.00 for 8 gallons

c. Drink tickets @ $4.00 each

d. Champagne or Wine that will be given out to guests “Free of Charge“ can be purchased by renter and brought into hall (with approval). A $3 per bottle “Corking Fee” will be assessed the renter. Maximum of ‘8’ bottles are allowed and no free wine can be given out after 7:30 pm.

e. No “Box Wine” allowed brought in.

f. Non-Alcoholic wine and beer

g. Most popular brands of beer @ $3.00 per can

h. Bar pour drinks @ $3.00

i. Call drinks begin at $3.50

j. We do not make ice cream drinks

k. No alcohol is allowed to be brought unto KC property–no drinking in party bus or vehicles.

When you ask for bar services the Knights of Columbus are required to hire a security guard. The renter pays this cost. You will be charged $20.00 per hour for every hour the bar is open.